Howdy! Welcome to Warriors for Joy!

And if you're looking for the Joyriors community and/or Puzzles of Utopia, you're in the right place.



What is Warriors for Joy?

Warriors for Joy is a community of Joyriors, people who’ve made an active choice to be happy, or to at least try. Warriors for Joy supports your right to joy and empowers you to live a life you choose.

This is the reason Warriors for Joy was created:


Warriors for Joy Supports:

~ Pursuit of happiness

~ Self-care

~ Courage of the individual

~ Power of community

~ Democracy

~ Freedom of expression


What is Puzzles of Utopia?

Puzzles of Utopia is a brand of the Warriors for Joy company that sells beautiful jigsaw puzzles made with real photos of nature. It also happens to be Warriors for Joy's fundraiser 🙂

Visit the Puzzles of Utopia page to see currently available designs, or check them out on Amazon, eBay, and Bonanza.


Here for You

I am are here for you, so tell me how you want to make your life better and I will do everything possible to help you achieve your utopia.

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