Featured Service: Bloom Beautifully, The Self-Care Box

In another post, I briefly introduced self-care boxes. In this post, I’m going to start with one service, Bloom Beautifully.


Bloom Beautifully is bimonthly. At first, I was annoyed about that but I realized that it has its merits. After all, scarcity raises value.


I loved this box. It contained a lot of items that can add joy to life. Watch my unboxing below or on our YouTube channel, warriorsforjoy.


I also was happy to join The Renaissance Group on Facebook (read the pinned post to get a quick feel); it is supportive, validating, and empowering. It is for women only (as are most self-care box services in general). If you know of any for males, or if you’d like to share your experience with this or any other self-care service, please comment below or let me know!


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