Puzzles of Utopia – Beautiful Scenic Jigsaw Puzzles – FAQs

If you enjoy challenging your brain, or want to spend time with nature even in the cold and dark winter, these landscape jigsaw puzzles are the perfect activity for you. You can check them out further on our Puzzles of Utopia page; here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.


  1. Is this puzzle hard?

Yes, it’s hard. All of our puzzles are difficult and require patience and/or time. This isn’t a sit-down-and-finish-in-an-hour puzzle. More like a leave-it-on-the-table-for-everyone-to-slave-over-for-a-week puzzle.

How hard? Hard to say. We’re in the midst of creating a puzzle difficulty rating system. If you can contribute by telling us how long it took to finish the puzzle, we’d appreciate it!

  1. What age is the puzzle geared for?

Teens and adults. Perfect for college rooms, winter vacations, and date nights. Can the kids join? Sure, but most kids are more likely to struggle to find one match and then grab a snack. Puzzles make a great family, friends, and couples activity – spend time together, with nature, indoors.

  1. How big are the pieces?

Each piece is approximately 1” x .75” (2.5 cm x 1.9 cm) and 1.88 mm high. They are not large, or the finished product would be huge. Therefore, Puzzles of Utopia are not recommended for someone with failing eyesight or poor motor skills (unless they want to try jigsaw puzzles as a form of therapy, with the collaboration of their health care provider).

  1. How big is the finished product?

19.7” x 27.56” (50 x 70 cm). Yeah, we know those are odd numbers. Factory’s in China and we can’t remake their machines to suit our number fancies.

  1. Can the puzzle be hung up?

Absolutely! This beauty would add a gorgeous view of nature to any home wall. The puzzle doesn’t come with glue or frame, but you should be able to find that easily in your local Wal-Mart or craft store. Or online, of course. Take along a measuring stick because frames’ listed measurements are often a bit off.


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