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Boom, Crash, Bang – The Fidget Spinner Kingda Ka – A Review of 3 Spinners

I’m assuming that unless you’ve just crawled out from under a rock, you know what fidget spinners are. Chances are, you’re holding one now as you read.   These little twirly toys (I’m having a hard time describing something so simple) have been touted as the cure for… fidgeting, hyperactivity, attention problems, etc., and for…

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Every Body Can Dance – Did You See Oscar Hernandez on America’s Got Talent?

What Oscar Accomplished When He Danced on America’s Got Talent America’s Got Talent is a show that spotlights diverse talent from across the country… and it usually makes me feel rather inadequate, considering my talents are of the non-stage variety (like… um, cooking and talking?). But Oscar Hernandez’s 4-yes performance this week in the show’s…

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3 Tips for Dealing with Stress When Anxiety Overwhelms You

I’ve heard that anxiety doesn’t come so much from thinking about the future as trying to control it. With that in mind, it’s hard to tell yourself, “I can’t control the future” when you just want/need to… control the future. And even if you can focus on living in the present… well there’s still worrying…

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Do You Also Talk to Yourself?

Please say you do. I’d like to feel slightly less weird than I know I am…   I don’t think there’s anything wrong with talking to yourself. Out loud. In public.   But in case you do, you might want to check out the idea of self-talk – which is talking to yourself, but can…

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Featured Song: I Can Be, by Yaakov Shwekey

When you want a reminder of what you’re capable of, of how cool you are, of how much you can be, listen to this song.   I Can Be, composed by Yaakov Shwekey in honor of the Special Children’s Center, is reminding its listeners that the superheroes lie within us. Enjoy and feel empowered!  …

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The Ultimate Creativity – Living Level 1 Happiness

In the last post about happiness, we said that Level 2 pleasure is creativity, creating something with meaning (building on the previous levels). So approaching Level 1 pleasure, I ask you: What is the ultimate creativity? What is a Moment of Awe? Take a moment to remember the times you’ve felt incredible pleasure, awe even.…

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Featured Services: Self-Care Boxes

  It’s hard to take care of ourselves when we’re busy running errands for others, accommodating others’ schedules and preferences, and listening to friends vent while our brains whirl anxiously around to-dos and haven’t-dones. But it’s essential. We need to feel good about ourselves to pass on that feeling to others. We need to have…

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