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Walden: A Book Review, and 5 Ways to Live Like Thoreau

I’ve been reading Walden and even though I’m not nearly done (up to page 37 of 271 pages on this edition I bought for less than 3 dollars) I’m already feeling so many feels. I decided to take notes of the lessons and resolutions I’ve gained. If I want to write more in a few…

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No, I Wasn’t Always This Happy – How Depression Brought Me Here

This blog has been around almost a year and most posts have been about resources that add to our joy- music, vacations, nature, body positivity, what to do when you feel alone. Yet except for a little description of the 5 levels of pleasure, I haven’t spoken about happiness itself. Or about my experience with…

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40 Recommended Songs: Vacation Music Playlist

Where are you now?   Whether in the car, at home, working (sigh), or in the kitchen, jump into vacation mode with this playlist of (up to, depending on the platform) 40 songs that will have you singing out loud and bouncing in your seat!     iTunes Vacation Playlist (free 3 month trial) Spotify…

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Every Body Can Dance – Did You See Oscar Hernandez on America’s Got Talent?

What Oscar Accomplished When He Danced on America’s Got Talent America’s Got Talent is a show that spotlights diverse talent from across the country… and it usually makes me feel rather inadequate, considering my talents are of the non-stage variety (like… um, cooking and talking?). But Oscar Hernandez’s 4-yes performance this week in the show’s…

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3 Tips for Dealing with Stress When Anxiety Overwhelms You

I’ve heard that anxiety doesn’t come so much from thinking about the future as trying to control it. With that in mind, it’s hard to tell yourself, “I can’t control the future” when you just want/need to… control the future. And even if you can focus on living in the present… well there’s still worrying…

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Do You Also Talk to Yourself?

Please say you do. I’d like to feel slightly less weird than I know I am…   I don’t think there’s anything wrong with talking to yourself. Out loud. In public.   But in case you do, you might want to check out the idea of self-talk – which is talking to yourself, but can…

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The Ultimate Creativity – Living Level 1 Happiness

In the last post about happiness, we said that Level 2 pleasure is creativity, creating something with meaning (building on the previous levels). So approaching Level 1 pleasure, I ask you: What is the ultimate creativity? What is a Moment of Awe? Take a moment to remember the times you’ve felt incredible pleasure, awe even.…

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