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The Ultimate Creativity – Living Level 1 Happiness

In the last post about happiness, we said that Level 2 pleasure is creativity, creating something with meaning (building on the previous levels). So approaching Level 1 pleasure, I ask you: What is the ultimate creativity? What is a Moment of Awe? Take a moment to remember the times you’ve felt incredible pleasure, awe even.…

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Happiness: Taking it to the Next Level

Do you want to live life on the high line of happiness? I do.   Let’s find out more about happiness – how to attain pleasure even greater than the levels of pleasure we’ve talked about in previous posts.   In their book, What the Angel Taught You, Yaakov Salomon and Rabbi Noah Weinberg give…

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What Does Meaning Really Add to Our Lives?

One beautiful January day during my year in Israel, my friend and I decided to walk. It was about half an hour of downhill walking to the mall where someone pointed us to the other side of the mall. We walked all the way around and were told to walk up stairs to the next…

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What Makes Us More Happy Than Love?

Imagine you buy a secondhand desk off Craigslist for $150. You’re disappointed that it doesn’t fit through your door but you’re handy, so you pull out a screwdriver and begin taking apart some of the pieces. Then to your surprise, you find a bag inside. Thinking the owner must have left some candy wrappers behind,…

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What Makes Us Happy?

In our last post, Do You Want to be Happy?, we talked about the human desire for happiness and said that pleasure gives us happiness. But how do we understand how to obtain pleasure? It often seems like once we get used to the pleasures in our lives, they stop bringing us happiness. How can…

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Do You Want to be Happy?

I assume so. The pursuit of happiness is such a strong human characteristic that the founding fathers saw fit to guarantee it in the Declaration of Independence (my apologies to our non-American Joyriors). Yet so many of us live with the sweat of the pursuit and never reap the reward; some of us give up…

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The 6 things I want you to know about Joy blog

I am starting this Joy Blog because people deserve to be happy. Joy Blog is about support, empathy, coping, and most of all, empowerment. I believe in you.   So there are 6 things you should know about this Joy Blog.   1. This blog is NOT a diary of my life 2. It is…

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