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Featured Services: Self-Care Boxes

  It’s hard to take care of ourselves when we’re busy running errands for others, accommodating others’ schedules and preferences, and listening to friends vent while our brains whirl anxiously around to-dos and haven’t-dones. But it’s essential. We need to feel good about ourselves to pass on that feeling to others. We need to have…

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Featured Service: Bloom Beautifully, The Self-Care Box

In another post, I briefly introduced self-care boxes. In this post, I’m going to start with one service, Bloom Beautifully.   Bloom Beautifully is bimonthly. At first, I was annoyed about that but I realized that it has its merits. After all, scarcity raises value.   I loved this box. It contained a lot of…

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Featured Book: We Beat The Streets/The Pact

In Two Words: INSPIRING and ENGAGING How I Met This Book   This Spring semester, I’ve been interning in a middle school in the rather inner-city area of New Brunswick, NJ. The more time I spend there, the more I understand the lifestyle and the roadblocks that make it so hard for people to get…

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Featured Book: Thin Slices of Anxiety, by Catherine Lepage

If you or a loved one suffers from anxiety, or if you just want to better understand how our minds work when we’re anxious, this book is for you. Catherine Lepage simplifies anxiety with clever graphics, witty captions, and a progressive tour through the anxious mind and the lives of those who are anxious. Thin…

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Featured Song: Invisible, by Hunter Hayes

I chanced by a Hunter Hayes song on a Spotify playlist and could hardly believe I hadn’t heard him until then. His songs are beautiful and cross a multitude of tempos and themes to fit every mood and every moment. This song speaks to every person who ever felt invisible. It’s real, validating, and empowering.…

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Featured Book: It’s Just My Nature, by Carol Tuttle

As a teenager, I devoured “personality typing systems” like chocolate. It seems so cool to figure people out and hear that some things about myself weren’t as freaky as I imagined. But whether it was the Myers-Brigg, the Big Five, or zodiac interpretations, I took them all with a grain of salt. Nobody could really…

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Featured Song: You Were Wrong, by Icon for Hire

The song, You Were Wrong, appears on Icon for Hire’s 2016 album, You Can’t Kill Us. While Icon for Hire’s musical style is unique and likely appealing only to specific crowds, her lyrics are incredibly penetrating, revealing, and moving. This won’t be the last of her songs to appear on these pages!   This is…

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Featured Song: A Beautiful Life, by Austin Allsup

If you’re like me, you might be familiar with Austin Allsup as one of the competitors in The Voice, 11th season. He went quite far – and with good reason. Austin has a powerful voice, a Southern twang, and a whole lot of heart. Listen to Austin’s view of A Beautiful Life. I think you’ll…

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Featured Song: Poor Folks Town, by Dolly Parton

Gotta love Dolly. She has such spirit and warmth, and a determination to live life joyfully and recognize the humanity in others. This song is about life that’s so much more than materialism. Fits in perfectly with Level 4 pleasure!

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