The 6 things I want you to know about Joy blog

I am starting this Joy Blog because people deserve to be happy. Joy Blog is about support, empathy, coping, and most of all, empowerment. I believe in you.


So there are 6 things you should know about this Joy Blog.


1. This blog is NOT a diary of my life
2. It is not an advertisement for Puzzles of Utopia
3. It is relevant to every human being
4. Your life WILL be positively affected by the posts in this Joy Blog
5. Posts will not be too long for our 7-second attention span generation
6. I invite your comments, complaints, and suggestions



I know pain. I live it, I see it, I understand it. But I am not a victim and I don’t believe anyone else needs to be. Pain undeniably changes our lives but that doesn’t mean we need to live victimized lives. Maybe you need help to get through tough times. Maybe every day is black and life just doesn’t seem worth it. Hold on. I promise you – life is always worth living. I probably can’t take away the pain, the struggles, the hurt, but I can be here for you and tell you – you are not alone.


In case you’re wondering what certifies me to tell you you’re capable of doing this thing called life, I can’t give you a too impressive answer. I am Bay. I live with lots of siblings and two parents, whom I love, and honestly, have certainly had my troubles with too. I was depressed at one point during my teenage years and that definitely changed me forever.


I’m currently a student of Psychology and I volunteer with Crisis Text Line. I hope to one day gain a doctorate in Psychology so I can counsel people individually, but in the meantime, I do my best in spreading joy and helping to make the world a brighter place. If I can make any person believe in him/herself more, if I can motivate someone to reach out for support, if I can prevent one suicide – then the time and resources spent on this blog are worth it.


So please, if you benefit from Warriors for Joy in any way, or if you have feedback or recommendations, go ahead. I’m here for you and waiting to hear from you. And you’re always welcome to comment below – we read everything!


Oh, and see 30 seconds of wisdom from this rabbi:


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