Every Body Can Dance – Did You See Oscar Hernandez on America’s Got Talent?

What Oscar Accomplished When He Danced on America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a show that spotlights diverse talent from across the country… and it usually makes me feel rather inadequate, considering my talents are of the non-stage variety (like… um, cooking and talking?). But Oscar Hernandez’s 4-yes performance this week in the show’s Season 12 has validated that – I CAN DANCE!


Well, maybe I can’t. But the truth is that I’ve never let myself even think about it because my body is… let’s just say, not a model’s. To me (and SO MANY others) that’s always meant that dancing for anyone but my mirror is off-limits.


Oscar changed that. He said, heck – I can dance, and I’m going to show America! And he did! He got a roaring audience, stunned judges, and four yeses that take him to the next round in the show.


Watch this clip of Oscar’s act:


Oscar’s courage to celebrate his strengths despite popular damning culture is a victory for all the folks out here whose bodies are not the way audiences might expect. While his dancing talent is certainly going to take him far, I think his attitude and pride in his own self are going to get him even further.

A body is just a container for our beautiful selves. No one should let anyone tell us what a model body is, and no one should stop us from appreciating our bodies and what they can do (and showing it off, if we so feel like).


What do you think? Did Oscar’s act change the way you thought about what you can do with your body? Leave it in the comments below and subscribe to the Joy Blog for updates and more awesome posts!



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