“I’m All Alone” – What To Do When You Feel Like There’s No One There For You



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Hi, I’m Bay from Warriors for Joy; thanks for joining me. I want to talk about a feeling we all have sometimes: the feeling of being alone, like you’re on your own.


Sometimes it comes from something specific like someone’s bullying you, someone’s making you feel like you’re not worth it, someone’s abusing you, using you, hurting you, someone’s betrayed you, broke your heart.


Sometimes it comes from something inside us, when we feel like our bodies aren’t worth it, like life isn’t worth it, when the anxiety makes us feel like it’s too much to handle, you feel like you want to end your life, if it’s just- depression and everything’s black.


Whatever it is, we’ve all got those times that something is weighing down on us so heavily that we feel like we’re just holding up our world by ourselves.


And nobody deserves to feel that way.


Human beings are made to be interdependent. We’re made to have each other and be there for each other. Please don’t ever feel like you’re on your own.


I’m going to talk about three different ways that you can reach out for support. Because humans should be there for each other. You don’t deserve to do this alone. No matter who you are, no matter what you’re going through, you’re not the only one.


You’ve got people in this with you, you’ve got support. Please reach out.

The first thing is to look around at the people around you.

You’ve got people in your lives. Whether it’s your parents, a loved one, a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a coworker, a boss, a therapist, a counselor, a rabbi, a pastor – whatever it is, look around at your life there are so many people who would be willing to be there for you if you gave them the chance, if you’re open with them.


Now what if there isn’t someone there? What if you’ve tried and you’ve been turned away? What if you’ve tried and it’s not helping? What if you’ve tried and it’s not enough?

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The second thing is to get more people in your life

Because sometimes all it is that we need is the right person, so you expand your circles and you can find the right person.


Now the way to expand your circles can be sometimes harder, sometimes easier. You can hit the flea market, hit the farmers’ market, take a local art class or hit the local pool. You can volunteer at the hospital, or the farm or the children’s shelter and meet new people. Sometimes, that’s not enough and you can use online forums. You can use a forum like meetups.com which helps you arrange for meeting people in your area that share a specific interest, or you can use online forums to meet people online.


To Write Love On Her Arms and The Mighty are online communities of people who are struggling with similar things. Daily Strength and Half Of Us are similar. I’m going to leave a whole bunch of links in the post on Warriors for Joy with a link to the article below and you can check out the amazing communities out there of people who really get it. People who are there for you, who are with you, and can really hold your hand when you’re going through a tough time.


Now what happens if it’s too much? Whatever it is, people aren’t being there for you, you’re afraid to reach out, it’s not enough, there’s no one for you right now and you need someone right now. We all have those times when we feel like were in crisis, and for that reason there are wonderful people in this world who have created:


Crisis Hotlines

I know some people are afraid to reach out to them for different reasons. Please don’t be. That’s what they’re there for. Nobody looks down at you for calling in or texting in.


I’m going to speak specifically for Crisis Text Line because I volunteer there and I can tell you that we love our texters. I’ve had some of the most enlightening and interesting conversations from our texters because they’re the strongest and most amazing people who are struggling, they’re warriors, they’re struggling and they have the strength to text in and I think that’s amazing.


To every single person out there who’s struggling, who’s in a hot moment and just can’t handle it anymore by themselves, please don’t give up, please don’t think your alone and certainly please don’t end it. You are not on your own. There are people who are ready to hold your hand and be there with you.


I’m going to leave links below to several different kinds of crisis hotlines. Crisis Text Line works specifically with text which has several advantages and I’ll talk more about it in a different video.


There’s also National Suicide Hotline and some other hotlines that are not specific for suicide, although they’re obviously there for people who are suicidal. They’re there for anyone who’s in any kind of crisis.


Crisis Text Line says that were here for anyone who’s in a hot moment. If you’re in a hot moment, you feel like you’re alone, you’re just on your own: you’re NOT on your own. You’ve got someone there. So type 741741 and press send. We’ll be there for you. 24/7. All the time. You are never alone.


Note: Crisis Text Line is real. It is staffed by trained, compassionate human beings. Please do not text in just to test the system, as that takes away from their ability to service people who are in crisis. If you’re not in crisis now, save the number 741-741 in your phone and encourage your loved ones to do the same.


Thank you for joining me at Warriors for Joy, and if you have something to add please leave it in the comments below. I’d love to hear what your experience has been. See you next time!


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    I loved this B!
    I think you’re brave to video yourself 🙂
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