Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War: What to Expect – MCU Explanations and Predictions

Avengers: Infinity War!


Infinity War is here and it’s time to brush up your knowledge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and get ready for what’s about to come.


WARNING: Spoilers for all previous MCU films (Iron Man through Black Panther) ahead!


Of course we know that Marvel can throw us anything – bring back a long forgotten detail, explain the ramifications of something we already knew, like they did with Loki’s scepter, or just twist things in a way no one could expect. But working with what we’ve got, here are my predictions. Let me know if you agree or have other thoughts!




There are some questions about how Marvel plans to use this two-film setup. I think it’s like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where the war wasn’t over until the end of the second – that by the end of Infinity War, the Avengers will have lost but somehow they’ll regroup before Thanos destroys half the universe and re-fight him in the next film, next year. The only question is in what way they’ll be stronger that they’ll be able to win.


Now there are also some questions about… the entire story. We know there are three acts – one in the Asgardian realm, where Thanos meets the Asgardian ship and then the Guardians of the Galaxy come along, one that’s based in New York, near Doctor Strange’s sanctum and is probably where the Guardians meet the Avengers, and one in Wakanda. But it’s unclear if these happen at the same time or chronologically, because we never have that shot where we see all the heroes ready to fight at once. We kind of have it in Wakanda, which seems to be the climax of this film, but the Guardians are nowhere to be seen – unless I missed something. So where do they go? Do they drop off Thor, tell Tony about Thanos and leave it? I don’t think so, remember Gomorah and Nebula (who’s not with them) want to take revenge on their “father” and Drax’s life goal is to kill Thanos as well.


We know that Thanos is after the Infinity Stones.


  • The previews show that Thanos has the purple Power stone, which was with the Nova Corp. I just wonder if we’ll ever find out what happened – like did he destroy the entire Xandar to get it?


Act 1:


  • We have Thor and Loki with the Asgardian nation on a ship and Thanos is meeting them. Loki has the Tesseract (which contains the Space Stone) – we see him looking at it in Thor Ragnarok in Odin’s vault – and don’t forget he already has a whole history with it – and in the previews he’s handing it to someone, then we see Thanos putting a blue stone into his gauntlet. So we can assume that Thanos has the Space Stone, which he then uses to open portals and come down to Midgard, Terrain, or whatever you want to call Earth.


Thanos strikes a hard blow because we see Thor lying ill with Rocket and the other Guardians of the Galaxy trying to save him. Where is the rest of Asgard? Did the Guardians of the Galaxy show up after Thanos wiped them all out, or did they help in the battle? I think it’s unlikely that they kill off the whole Asgard, because that kind of ruins the “Asgard is not a place, it’s a people” theme from the end of Ragnarok. MAYBE: after the Guardians of the Galaxy bring Thor to earth and talk to the Avengers, they escort the Asgardians into another realm that’s safer than earth, which is about to become a battleground?


And… what happens to Loki after he hands over the Tesseract to Thanos? We see him and some other fellas standing in middle of a ton of destruction and death while Thanos clutches the Tesseract. Then what? He just lets them get away?


Act 2:


It’s obvious that the Guardians of the Galaxy spend time with Avengers.  Maybe they bring Thor down to earth which is where they get in touch with the Avengers. As I’ve been working out these predictions more, I realized how much I had the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy separated in my head, and it’s going to be really cool and fun to see them together. I just love the preview of Peter talking back to Iron Man and Spider-Man – it’s really the type that that scene was filmed just for the preview, to give you an idea of what the dynamics will be – I mean, Peter. World’s greatest BRAT – telling off Tony Stark, and probably some other people who think they’re too cool to be messed with. Wait till they find out that this loser is a celestial.


  • Anyway, we have Gomorah telling Tony Stark about Thanos and his goal to wipe out half of the universe with the Infinity Stones. We don’t know where she and the other Avengers go – we don’t see them again, which is why I think they might take the Asgardian ship elsewhere. And then, Thanos comes to New York take the Mind Stone out of Vision. We see Banner, Natasha, and War Machine looking up at the sky, watching something come down. We see what looks like a ring in the sky that Tony Stark is rushing towards and Peter Parker sees out of the bus window. The only question is, does Thanos succeed?


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We see Vision looking mortal and looking intimately at Scarlet Witch who we know also got her powers from the Mind Stone. You know, I would think that after the stone is removed is when he become mortal, but it looks like the stone is still there, unless that’s just to throw us off and it’s just mark left by the stone or something. Although, we don’t see that Thanos actually GETS the mind stone, so maybe he doesn’t?


And if he does, then does Vision stay an Avenger? Perhaps just like SW has her powers from the mind stone without having it in her, Vision can hold onto his powers even after the stone is removed.


Act 3:


  • Lastly, then we know there’s a battle in Wakanda. Which by the way, is where the Soul Stone supposedly is, so maybe that’s why Thanos is coming. Cap comes to Wakanda and gets a new shield, and Bucky has been hibernating there but we know from Black Panther that he’s woken up. We see Black Panther greeting Capt and Natasha, and then they’re all in this flying ship, and we see Iron Man in his Hulkbuster, and we see Hulk getting ready to fight. It seems likely that the film will end with the aftermath of the battle – the only question is what that is.


  • What if, after the Avengers all die (well all but him) Doc Strange uses the Time Stone that he has around his neck to restart everything. What if this and the next movie are essentially parallel – two possible realities? One doesn’t work, we start again?


The previews seem to show Doctor Strange and Wong bending back time, with Bruce Banner waking up in this pit he probably fell into and died. So what happened – was he not able to turn into Hulk anymore? Or did someone catch him unawares? Or did someone figure out how to kill Hulk? Or was he not even dead and just asleep or passed out? Is he the only one they bring back?


And like the Mind Stone, we don’t know if Thanos actually gets the Soul Stone. Does he manage to take it at the end of the battle while the Avengers are lying wounded and Captain America starts bringing them back to life? And the time stone we just mentioned – let’s hope Thanos never gets that, although it would be a pretty cool twist if he did.


  • You know what else is interesting? Although they could be lying, the previews don’t show Thanos with the red stone, the Reality Stone, the Aether. It was hidden with the Collector at the end of Thor: A Dark World, but didn’t his place blow up in Guardians of the Galaxy? You think Thanos doesn’t know where it is and in the next film, they’re all going to go to outer space, to the other realms, to prevent him from getting it?




Rumor goes around that someone will die right away. I think – and I don’t take credit for this idea, it was sparked by Ty Carlin from Bacon and Eggs podcast, Loki will die, after his heroic act of handing over the Tesseract. Great character arc, sacrifice in the end.


And everyone assumes that Captain America and Iron Man – the godfathers of the Avengers – one of them or both will die. Probably. I agree. They need that in order to move the MCU into the next era. The question is who and how? I think that Captain America will sacrifice himself in this film – but we know he’s in the battle of Wakanda, so that would mean we see the whole thing – and it would be fitting, that at the end he gives up his life in service of humanity, like he wanted when he was still a soldier and in Captain America: Civil War.


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I think Bucky will live, firstly because I read somewhere that Stan Sebastian has a 9-movie contract with Marvel, but also because there’s so much more of a character arc to be developed here. First he was a supportive hero, than a tragic hero, in First Avenger. Then a villain in Winter Soldier, then a tragic villain, then a tragic hero in Winter Soldier and Civil War. So it’s possible that they’re going to kill him off before he has a chance to fully live out life as himself, kind of the way JKR killed off Sirius Black before he had a chance to be free, for which I’ll never forgive her, but it’s likely that they’re going to let him become a real Avenger and maybe avenge Steve Roger’s death.


Remember that although killing all the Avengers sounds so shocking that Marvel IS capable of it, people like their heroes. And I don’t think Marvel is going to kill them all, just because they want to hold onto what they’ve created. So they’ll probably kill some leaders and maybe some lackeys, to let others rise to the top and to make room for new heroes, but I don’t think they’ll kill them all. Of course, when they want to bring X Men in, they’ll probably kill most of them because wow, the screen is crowded!


So back to Avengers:


I think Iron Man will stick around for now, he’s not going to be the first to die, because he’s the leader until the end. However, we do see Bruce Banner looking at what seems to be Black Panther with the Hulkbuster arm next to him. That doesn’t mean Tony’s dead, but it’s not good for Iron Man. What WOULD totally make sense is that Iron Man gets killed either at the very end of this film or in the next film, as a final blow to this era, giving permission to the next leaders to rise up – maybe War Machine, maybe Thor, maybe Spiderman, his protégé.


I think we all know that Thor is too precious to be killed off now, he just had an amazing comeback in Ragnarok. If they did kill him, without killing ALL the Avengers, that would be a huge blow. It would have to be done really well for audiences – and myself – not to be furious. Who doesn’t want Thor back on screen after Ragnarok? I mean, I want Loki back too, he’s one of my favorite characters of all time, but Thor really held his own in that movie.


And Black Panther? Well the thing about Black Panther is that there’s always another one, so Chadwick Boseman could be killed and someone else would take his place. But I don’t think Marvel is going to destroy another nation like they did to Asgard, unless they destroy half the universe – which by the way, what half would that be? – so I think they’re going to leave Wakanda with a leader who can help them recover from the battle, but that doesn’t mean that his family, and friends, and loyal guard will stick around. And what about M’Baku? I know he shows up in battle, but I’d love to see more of him and his people again – “I’m just joking, we’re vegeterians”.


Now we know Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Spiderman are safe, they just came out, they’re doing great, and they have sequels announced. Doctor Strange we haven’t seen a sequel yet but it makes sense that he’s popular, they would keep him around. Again, unless they all die, but if they do, I think they’ll find a way to bring them back, maybe with some old villain who hates Thanos more than the Avengers or the Guardians, like Loki or Ego… or even Abomination.


Speaking of Abomination, what about Hulk? Now I’d like to learn HOW Hulk can be killed and then I might believe that he will be. I wonder if there’s some way to undo the gamma radiation that would basically kill Hulk but not Bruce Banner and the Banner could just be killed like every other pacifist scientist. It certainly looks like he’s taken down before Doc Strange rewinds time but who knows? I really like Banner, especially after his performance in Ragnarok, so I hope not. I’d love to see HIM become one of the leaders of the next era, not because he wants to – we all know he wants to stay away – but because he has to, and that would be a great character arc for them to follow for him.


What about Hawkeye? Marvel is saying that Hawkeye is on his own journey, after what he went through in Civil War and the betrayal from Iron Man. So that’s a question – what’s he doing? I have no idea. Is he getting together with some otherworldly/otherrealmly beings? He doesn’t trust Tony anymore so it makes sense he wouldn’t want to join him. Is he accompanied by anyone else, like Black Widow, his old friend, or is this a solo journey?


And what about Black Widow? She’s been around a long time, it makes sense she would die, but we haven’t gotten to know her that well yet. I’m wondering if she’ll die but another Black Widow will take her place and this time we’ll get an origin story, or an explanation of what her powers are and how old she really is? She definitely has her place in this film, she’s all over New York and Wakanda. But we don’t see her taken down, which makes sense that she WOULD be the one who gets killed. Or one of the ones.


Oh, and we know Captain Marvel might show up? She has an origin movie already coming out, but that doesn’t mean she can’t die. Still, I think it’s likely she’ll survive and be the beginning of the next era. It would be nice for Marvel to show a woman on top and she seems like the kind of character who can handle it.


I honestly don’t know about Falcon, we haven’t gotten to know him well enough yet. It looks like he’s going to do a fair amount of fighting though, which would make him an ideal part of the next Avengers era. And War Machine has had very little character development, but he is a threat, and he was always Iron Man’s partner so it would make sense he’d have the same destiny as Iron Man. Which is probably true of Pepper Potts as well – in general I think if an Avenger gets killed off, their buddies will too. It’s a way of really saying, this is the end, they’re gone.


I do think that Scarlet Witch is probably going to make it. After all, she just showed up and was really evolving as a person. She has so much further to go. Then again, nothing is guaranteed. Just like Vision – although maybe they’ll die together, in each other’s arms 🙂


What about Maria Hill and Nick Fury? No clue. But they don’t have real powers so why would Thanos consider them a threat? I do believe though that it’s been mentioned Nick Fury will show up in some epic scene where every character is present. I can’t imagine how that would be coordinated though. Probably with them putting those zappers from Ragnarok on every actor and just being like “yo Tony,” ZAP! Well what, how else do we get his attention? For the price of being in probably the most profitable movie of all time, it’s worth it.


We haven’t spoken about Guardians of the Galaxy at all, mostly because we don’t know where they are, or how much of a role they play in this, besides that they bring Thor to earth and tell Tony about Thanos. They’re really interesting because they’re all so weird. Peter Quill is a celestial, don’t tell me they’re going to give up on bringing that back, so then he has a TON of power. Who knows what will happen with that, but he might be one of the few people who is capable of fighting Thanos. DRAX wants to kill Thanos, but Ronan nearly crushed him so Thanos probably will too. The question is, can Rocket be killed? I don’t know. What’s he made of? And we know Groot can be but he already he was and he’s just reaching puberty, so who wants to kill him off yet?


Then we have Gomorah, who’s Thanos’s adopted daughter. She’s obviously going to play a huge part in this and it would be a nice victory if she won, kind of makes sense moment if her sister Nebulah died at her “father’s” hands – it would be similar to Loki, dying in her moment of doing the right thing. But if Gomorah or Nebulah died in this film, I’d be disappointed. Assuming Thanos is the villain in next film, which seems to be the case, you can’t kill his daughters prematurely. They need to be around till the end – or at least Gomorah does. (By the way, what kind of name is Gomorah? In the Bible it’s one of the towns that was destroyed because it was so immoral – what are we supposed to make of that?)


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Lastly there’s Mantis, who could have some pretty cool powers, similar to Scarlet Witch, I have no idea what to make of her. The fact that they’re bringing her back when the Guardians could have easily dropped her off on Xandar or another planet means she probably plays a significant role.


And there you go! My summary of the MCU thus far and what I expect we’ll see in Infinity War and 2019’s film. Let me know what you think; comment below!


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